My name is Kris Ligman and I am your friend with a computer. I run This Week in Videogame Blogging for Critical Distance, which also appears regularly on Gamasutra.

Places Where My Work Has Appeared

dichtung-digital (BA thesis) – 2008
PopMatters Moving Pixels (reviews and weekly column) – 2010-2011
Gameranx (news and features) – 2011-2012
The Border House (feature) – 2012
CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT (“Addiction” issue) – 2012
Five Out of Ten – 2012-2013
Gamasutra (news and editorial) – 2013-2014
Official Xbox Magazine (features and interviews) – 2013-2014
Game Developer magazine (final issue) – 2013
Medium (features) – 2014

Podcast Appearances

Moving Pixels Podcast – 2010-2011
Critical Distance Confab – 2011-2013
Experience Points Podcast: “Bioware Blues” – April 4 2012


Culture Ramp: “The Curator” – 2012


  • Mark  On 01.20.12 at 11:30 am

    What I don’t get is how you can do all that and still be a grad student? I guess it takes work being queen. Major props!

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