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Wizards, Glass and Computer Chips: What ‘The Dark Tower’ Can Teach Us About Gaming’s Fourth Wall

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I have recently taken to listening to Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series at work. Audiobooks don’t make the day go any faster but they at least feel slightly more productive than listening to music or putting Netflix on in the background for a straight 8 hours. That, and it feels like the only way I get any reading done.

Having recently finished the second book in the series, The Drawing of the Three, two impressions have filled my mind. The first is that I can’t fathom what the objection would be to making a videogame out of this series, as it’s so obviously organized like an adventure RPG, party recruitment and all. The second is that Drawing of the Three provides an excellent analogy for gaming point of view and the fourth wall, which is what I’d like to focus on today.

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From the Losing Side of the Console War: Confessions of a Sega Orphan

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It’s about time I came clean with you all: I know next to nothing about Nintendo.

My first gaming console as a child was a SegaCD, and I say that specifically because it took 24 hours or so for my father to realize he needed to go out and buy a Genesis for it to work. He’s been enamored with computers for as long as I can remember and was especially interested in CD technologies of that time period. He couldn’t really care less about games, but full motion video cutscenes, that excited him. Fortunately, it excited his four children as well.

I couldn’t tell you the specific rationale for it now (though it was probably monetary), but my family remained a single-brand household for a long time after that. We got a lot of use out of that Genesis. We even had a 32x! And though no American child can grow up completely without exposure to Nintendo products thanks to classmates and popular media, my siblings and I were all squarely and firmly in Sega camp, back when there indeed were such camps and a blue hedgehog led one of them.

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