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Best Emergent Trends (and Other Things) of 2012

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Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to narrow this list down to anything that is in anyway manageable. It’s been a great year for games- especially indies. At this point I think it’s more useful to look back at certain movements in this year’s releases rather than specific titles.

Naturally, in the course of that, we’re going to be discussing plenty of titles. I started out creating this “game of the year” list believing I didn’t have much to say about this year’s offerings. The more I looked, the more I found was there. This has been a great year for the single-author game; for grassroots and fan-driven projects; for outsiders; and especially for animated discussions about the medium. In this I’m very much in agreement with Michael Abbott— I believe we’re going to look back on 2012 as another important watershed year for games and criticism. The only lingering question I have remaining is– did it sneak up on you too? Or did you already pick up on it months before?

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No analysis here. Just a long page of my favorite Rin Tezuka quotes, from Katawa Shoujo. Spoilers, probably.

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Giving the world a big hug.

There are many things Katawa Shoujo could be accused of, but cynicism is not one of them. It is in fact the most uncynical, unironic, utterly earnest thing I’ve played in years, and it should be lauded for that, I think. Everything in Katawa Shoujo is borne out of love: love for the genre, love for the style, and most importantly love for the characters. Gosh, how it loves its characters, even if you don’t.

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