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I Loved “Loved,” But I’m Not Sure I Love “Love”

Reposted from PopMatters Moving Pixels.

2010 was either a very affectionate or very cynical year in the field of independent games, with at least three single-named titles taking a spin with ol’ l’amour.

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“Time4Cat”: Of Time, Perception and Fatality

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As inevitable as the pun may be, there’s something about the little flash game, Time4Cat, that is, itself, rather timely. Having just relocated myself for graduate school and spending inordinate amounts of time unpacking, assembling furniture, commuting, attending orientation, attending classes, doing readings, going to a day job, it feels like there’s not enough time for anything this month. For many student-aged gamers, I’m sure it feels much the same way. And therein lies the charm of Time4Cat.

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