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Crossovers are Magic

Me: To leave, they need to gather the seven Elements of Exploration.
Friend: On their mission to the Horsehead Nebula.
Me: Ambition! Authority! Empathy! Honor! Curiosity! Compassion! Geekiness!
Friend: There they will summon the Great Bird of the Galaxy, which will return them home safely.

Anatomy of a Pony… Music Video

Academics like fanvids. The Kirk/Spock “Closer” video (NSFW), “Buffy vs Edward”, “Yes We Can”. I could go on. Someday, when we (they, as I’m not sure I’ll ever dip back into this particular pool after my MA is completed) start holding History of Youtube courses, these will all be present on the curriculum. One which I’m afraid will not show up on anyone’s Powerpoint anytime soon is mmmandarinorange’s “The Stars Will Aid Her Escape (Cosmic Love)”, featured above. And that’s a crying shame, because it’s one of the most complex and intelligent fanvids I’ve ever seen. It’s no “Buffy vs Edward” deliberate critique of the patriarchy, nor “Yes We Can” levels of people power, but damn, is it smart, and shows off exactly what I like about fandom’s ability to transform and elevate its subject matter.

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Our Cybernetic Music, Ourselves (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ‘Vocaloid’)

I can’t deny it any longer. I woke up yesterday evening after a much-needed post-work nap with a set of garbage-compacted Japanese vocal samples playing in my head, and I liked it.

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