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‘Drag Race’: Games, Competition, and the Failure Gambit

Reposted from PopMatters Moving Pixels.

Okay, so this isn’t all that related to gaming. But if my senior editor at PopMatters, G. Christopher Williams, can write about Dancing With the Stars, RuPaul’s Drag Race should be an acceptable subject. It is, after all, a competitive reality show emphasizing craftsmanship and performance, two skills we should find recognizable as players.

One of the more interesting, idiosyncratic features of Drag Race is the Lipsync For Your Life, in which each week’s bottom two contestants must present a choreographed lipsync routine to a designated song to avoid elimination. These routines can range from the sad and pitiful to the stunning and glorious, but none of them seem to compare to the elimination in Season 3’s “Jocks in Frocks” episode between Carmen Carrera and Raja.

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