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Happy International Cosplay Day, Jason


Return of Jason: Jason Harder

After the rather traumatic near miss with an SUV the night before, Jason came back the afternoon of the 14th and she has been living comfortably with me since. I’ve posted signs and a Craigslist ad, neither of which having turned up much of anything except prospective muggers and rapists because this is Los Angeles, so the next step will be taking her to the vet on my next day off.

If the vet finds a tracking chip on Jason, she’ll be reunited with a loving owner very soon. Otherwise, she’s got one right here. Yes; probably not the wisest decision to keep a pet despite the terms of a lease, but adoption and rehoming rates for black cats being as abysmal as they are, and those eyes being so criminally huge and needy, my hands are tied here. Quite tied. See how tied they are?

Again, a great deal of thanks is due to her devoted fanbase on Twitter for all the advice and feedback as I fell into the role of newfound single kitten-parenthood. Her very own hashtag is also doing quite well.

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Press X to Jason

I had a little visitor show up today. Quite appropriately dressed for the “holiday.”

I’ve taken to calling her Jason, because there is no more appropriate name for a black cat which shows up on Friday the 13th, even if she is a girl. I would place her at maybe 3-5 months old. She is loud, tiny, dirty, needy, and very clearly a recent adoptee who has lost her owner. She also has a tendency to hiss at the slightest thing that startles her– and then goes right back to mewling, purring, and rolling on the (even dirtier) ground asking for belly rubs like a puppy.

In short, I’m in love. Confound these kitties!

If she decides to stick around (she’s sleeping on my slippers right now; below) then I’ll get to posting up some signs. Sadly, even if no one comes forward to claim her, she can’t stay: landlord’s been very adamant about no pets. But keeping her around till she gets fixed and inoculated seems a far sight better than dropping her off at the nearest shelter.

In the event I can’t track down her owner, any takers? Must love horror films and absurd levels of adorable.

ETA: Sad times. I went out to grab Jason some more tuna and milk, and she followed me to the grocery store. (That’s not the sad part. That’s the cute part. The sad part is coming.) However, she’s still very skittish, and a loud car sent her bolting across the street. Luckily it avoided her, but she then hid under a neighbor’s truck and even after we coaxed her out with a bit of food she fled again.

I’ve left out a plate of food and a bowl of water in case she comes back. If not, thanks for brightening up my Friday the 13th, Jason.