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I Loved “Loved,” But I’m Not Sure I Love “Love”

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2010 was either a very affectionate or very cynical year in the field of independent games, with at least three single-named titles taking a spin with ol’ l’amour.

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Alexander Ocias’s “Loved”: Identity, Subjugation and Confrontation

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When it comes down to it, Loved has very little to do with that particular emotion at all. But it has everything to do with control, guilt and abuse done in the name of it. Follow the game’s unnamed, ungendered narrator and your player avatar will come to harm; disobey, and the game hurls insults and destroys your path as much as it can. Disobey it enough, and it starts to play the victim. “I loved you,” it intones, hoping that you won’t leave. But if you do stay, you’ll be trapped.

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