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Roundup of Unusual Size: Mein Quietscheentchen

All right. I’m in love with Pandora Boxx. Yes, I am way late to discovering RuPaul’s Drag Race but oh my god, I love her so much.


My favorite for the day: David Gaider speaks up about Dragon Age II at Gamasutra.

Kotaku ain’t doin’ too badly today, thanks to a little help from some friends. Kirk Hamilton argues that Blonde Shepard isn’t a bad thing. And Ian Bogost argues that debates on games aren’t really about games.

Katie Williams writes about her gamer adolescence in Malaysia.

And now for my picks from RPS’s Sunday Papers and Critical Distance’s TWIVGB:

Alex Peake writes about Moore’s law, the Singularity, and games. Greg Smith tackles fictional spatial archaeology. And Knutaf of Destructoid blogs about Limbo and The Road.

And if I may promote something from my own home turf, today’s Moving Pixels podcast is my second time in the moderator chair as we sit down with the fair folk of Fat, Ugly, or Slutty?.


Your synthetic spine is on the way.

Should we create beings of humanlike intelligence? Futurismic adds a counterpoint.


Flipping a coin for it? Better not.

The buried story of the married lesbian couple who saved 40 people on the day of the Norway shooting is amazing.

Alrighty, let’s talk transmedia storytelling with Henry Jenkins. At ComicCon!

Moment of Zen

The go-to analogy for the debt ceiling crisis: Lord of the Rings.

Roundup of Unusual Size: Whatever, Ronia Shepard kicks ALL their asses.


Great review of Bastion by compadre Zach Alexander.

And my arch nemesis fellow Twitterer Dennis Scimeca has a long and thoughtful post on how the Mass Effect 3 FemShep poll is degrading. I take slight exception in that I participated in said poll to emphasize a nonwhite alternative, not to maintain a beauty standard, but the fact that the leading candidate is a blonde, blue-eyed bombshell both saddens me and rather reinforces Scimeca’s point.

Moment of Awwwwww

Superheroes save lost child at Comic Con.

Moment of Zen

Meowtron, Defender of the Universe!

That’s it for this week! Everyone be sure to tune in to Critical Distance tomorrow for the week in review, and I’ll rejoin you all Monday night!

Roundup of Unusual Size: Sex, death, and reading–all our favorites!

How have I not seen this Ghibli film before now? It might be my new favorite.


Patrick Dugan explores how Metal Gear Solid 2 predicted Facebook. Leigh Alexander writes that overtly sexual games serve an important role. And writing for Kill Screen, JP Grant investigates death in Karoshi.

Well, that’s one way to apply to a game company.

And my colleague at PopMatters, Nick Dinicola blogs about the love letter Mass Effect 2 writes to Shepard’s squadmates.


Take it with a grain of salt, but io9 thinks The Smurfs is good for one reason, at least: it’s a gay-friendly kids film.


A long academic article for you, but interesting stuff. Book fetishization, especially “book smell”, is actually a 20th century construction. So get over it and stop wasting trees, bibliophiles!


This woman is basically more hardcore than you.

Moment of Awwww

Sheep pigs!

Roundup of Unusual Size: Funosity and Plato

Shulky! My favorite!


Megan Fox (not that one) says we should free ourselves from the bondage of regenerating health. Meanwhile, over at Game|Life, Chris Kohler weighs in that a $170 Nintendo 3DS is still too expensive.

MacKenzie Wark is just not ready for this.

Kate Cox and Zach Alexander discuss whether games are, or need to be, fun.


Becky Chambers at The Mary Sue chronicles the history of geek art and costuming.

Speaking of, you know you wanted more excellent ComicCon cosplay.


Let’s talk about the superpowers of dolphins, shall we?

Moment of Zen

Every time I turn around I have a new favorite Tumblr.

Roundup of Unusual Size: Yeah, but what about a dog’s head?

Five hundred some odd posts in the feed reader and nothing good on. It’s like having cable.


A Dragon Age “anime”? Meh. A Dragon Age “anime” with a female protagonist? Fuck yes.


Laurie K at Stellar Four criticizes the “empowerment” line given to Princess Leia’s slave girl outfit. Couldn’t agree more.


Tonight, we investigate the science of whether decapitated heads can survive for up to a minute.

Roundup of Unusual Size: O hai

…So I might’ve been so focused on meeting an article deadline yesterday that I completely forgot about the linklist. Oddly, this has been a rather content-lite past few days. Just as well; I have more KCatherine to get back to.


Jason Schreier shares his recent Kill Screen article concerning his personal journey into the world of MUDs.

I need this like air. Maybe I finally have a reason to get better at Risk.

Web Media

Bryan Singer’s new web series H+ blends the same derivative anti-technology fearmongering with highly-produced post-apocalyptica. Just add cyborg zombies and I’m there.


While you were sleeping, the man who vowed to live forever has died.

My god, it’s full of water.

Roundup of Unusual Size: Ben, are you a Doctor yet?

(fanart found on ch4rmsing @ tumblr)


LAN party/tournament decides to be a sausage-only party. Guys can’t understand why this hasn’t gone down well.

I’m digging into Ben Abraham’s bag of jelly babies now, selecting my favorites from his latest Critical Distance TWIVGB. There is far more over yon so I heavily encourage to swing by when you’re done here.

First up, Jonathan McCalmont says we need more art house games and his definition is a rather precise one.

Next, game crit legend and my former blog mate at Moving Pixels, L.B. Jeffries, writes about the systems of Chrono Trigger

Kenny Young talks about voice in Portal 2.

Finally for tonight’s videogames section, Quinnae at The Border House profiles Dragon Age‘s Queen Anora, a bit of an ensemble dark horse I always saw as being more empoweringly portrayed than most fictional women monarchs.


Here’s an interesting write up on an upcoming horror TV show that promises to “take back horror from the torture porn enthusiasts.”


You know what’s better than fans doing fan films? Showrunners doing fan films.

Comic Con cosplay! The only really interesting part of any convention. Now that is some attention to detail only a Metal Gear fan can appreciate.


This is the best Firefox add-on ever.

Roundup of Unusual Size: O inconstant linklist.

(fanart by ladyamaltea)

Short list tonight, in light of today’s events. I tried.


First up, an incisive critical piece from–hah, just joking. It’s ComicCon! The only “news” is PR stuff. Moving on.


At io9 they probe for the answers of the really hard-hitting questions, like what would really happen if you were bitten by a radioactive spider.

You get a wedding! You get a wedding! Everyone gets a wedding!

Roundup of Unusual Size: Don’t Hate

(fanart by kianess @ deviantArt!)

You know you can find art of basically anything online? I don’t even mean porn. I just wanted to pull up something to show Rowan Kaiser up on a very serious topic (whether bangs and wavy tresses makes a girl look like she’s wearing a headcrab–turns out it does, but that doesn’t diminish her charm) and two seconds of google later I had this, just to prove my point. D’awww, headcrabs. More adorable than you’d think.

(I also seem to owe Christine Love dirty Digital: A Love Story fanart now, but that’s a story for another day.)

Happy 100th Birthday, Marshall McLuhan

Let’s honor the good professor with a couple retrospectives. Here, a tribute from the Nieman Journalism Lab. And here, a reproduction of an interview of his in Playboy (I guess you can read it for the articles).


Joel Goodwin at Electron Dance draws upon the Atari 2600 SCRAM: A Nuclear Power Plant Simulation to write about recent events in Japan.

Joystick Division’s James Hawkins LUVS LISTS! And tonight he brings us his top ten iconic game worlds.

Video found via Dubious Quality’s Friday Links: a DIY full-screen split-screen using a 3D TV.


So, the Supernatural anime. It still exists. And it looks like this.


Charlie Jane Anders and Mandy Curtis get together to excerpt some of their favorite SFF character descriptions.


Yeah! Tesseracts!

Mark Brown at Wired UK looks at the science behind the Uncanny Valley.

Nightmare Fuel

Getting Uzumaki flashbacks here. Again. What is it about Guatemala and sinkholes showing up in the most horrifying places?

Roundup of Unusual Size: Ronia Shepard is her hair.



Excellent array of essays tonight. We start off with this blog on inclusivity in RPGs by Gareth-Michael Skarka, reacting to the Heartbreak and Heroines feminist RPG project. And on the headier side, The Mule Abides writes about economy(, stupid) and game design.

Over on Joystick Division, Garrett Martin writes about how the points do matter.

On The Border House, Denis Farr publishes the article I’ve been waiting for, on the politics of game hair.

The Mary Sue spotlights Word Fighter, a sort of combination Boggle and Street Fighter, with Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe and Agatha Christie as characters!

Here’s a sweet vlog from gay gamer Rantasmo about how to have sex with videogames.

And is that a schoolgirl trying to kickbox a tank? I think I might be giving this game a chance after all.


There were plenty of viking women, and they were buried with their swords too.

Aw shit son, they’ve found the Decepticons’ underwater base.

Soil too irradiated? Plant sunflowers!

And because I love you: Spock rendered in 13,000 Lego blocks.


Moment of Zen

I have found my new favorite tumblr.