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Roundup of Unusual Size: My classmate Derek made a vidya game, and the universe is scientastic.

Scan from Junji Ito's "Hellstar Remina"

Soooo tired.

Surprisingly large list tonight! A great number of science and game articles with a couple film articles thrown in for taste. Must remember to download The Tunnel this weekend.

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Roundup of Unusual Size: No one expects the Spanish Revolution!

How can I stop posting fanart of humanized Wheatley when people make him look so perfect?

I’m out of Cosmos to watch… :(

…Time to put in Contact. :)

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Roundup of Unusual Size: A very special gay roundup.

Personality Spheres and Chell fanart by Top-Cap on deviantArt

…Well, only sorta. I am sensing a theme, though.

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Roundup of Unusual Size: Mercenaries and maintenance.

Apropos of nothing, do you know that Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' is streaming on Netflix? Go watch it! Now!

Hrm, so much for Google Reader curing my weekend woes. I guess there’s no avoiding it: ROUSes will be switching to a five days a week cycle, so this will be my last Saturday linklist for the forseeable. Posts that go up over the weekend will instead be folded into Monday’s roundup. Thanks for understanding!

I should also note that, like Critical Distance, I do accept submissions! You can tweet them to me, email, leave them in a comment, try to transmit the URLs telepathically… well, I wish you luck with that last one, but I’m open-minded. :P

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Roundup of Unusual Size: Podcasts and action figures.

Confound this game Sequence (above). It drives me to painkillers. Look for my review on PopMatters sometime next week.

As for tonight, we have a followup on Fukushima, some eyerolling quotes from Gearbox and just… a lot of stuff. Hit the jump and enjoy.

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Roundup of Unusual Size: ‘Brink’, Bathyspheres and Baby’s First TSA Patdown

…I’m kidding. There are no bathyspheres in this post.

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Roundup of Unusual Size: And then Dan Cook was the Roger Ebert of games criticism.

Man, I am on a roll. Cleaned the whole apartment, acquired baking pans, emptied email inbox… Having energy again is awesome.

Tonight’s assortment of essays, interviews and science articles reflect the totally geeky awesomeness that is this day. Read on.

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Roundup of Unusual Size: I’m baaaaaack!


So, I’m back. After putting in a full 40+ hour work week and capping things off with an all-nighter to finish my last term paper, I went to bed after turning my paper in yesterday and have only woken up between then and now to edit, tweet, and go back to sleep. Thank you, I am quite well rested now.

Tonight’s list is… er, something. Long, at least. Enjoy! I missed you guys!

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Roundup of Unusual Size: Now you’re thinking with slot machines.

GLaDOS and Chell by makani @ deviantArt

Oh man, I still feel like that time in the sun earlier today baked me alive. This is why I’m not meant to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Also, I ended up late tonight because I was finishing the Portal 2 co-op with my dear blogmate Nick Dinicola. A worthwhile endeavor if I do say.

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Roundup of Unusual Size: More edible turrets and horrifying jam.

Well, this was interesting. I switched from my usual Livejournal friends page to Google Reader over the weekend and augmented my existing blogroll by another 70 feeds or so. This should dramatically affect the scope of roundups in the future. And also mean Firefox will freak out and crash more frequently.

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