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Roundup of Unusual Size: And don’t even think of using autofire or I’ll… wait.

I may need to just not play my consoles from now till November. This Xbox heats up the apartment something awful, even with the ceiling fan on. Blech.

A nice wholesome collection of links tonight. I’ll be reviewing my feeds this weekend to start bolstering this new more focused approach of mine. Those interested in a more qualitative, weekly roundup are encouraged, as always, to subscribe to Critical Distance!

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Roundup of Unusual Size: No one can resist the Taint.

So I played the new Mass Effect 2 DLC. And was just blown away by all the player choices and interactive storytelling and all that stuff you could do! Yeah, man! GAMES!

So… yeah. Then I went and did other stuff. Y’know, on the second playthrough, Cailan and Alistair really do seem a lot alike.

Relatively short list tonight, although it comes with some wonderful in-depth pieces- and a new Child of Eden trailer! Yay!

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Roundup of Unusual Size: Andraste loves me, this I know.

Tonight’s collection features a decently hearty assortment of Tuesday links, rife with dead horse beating and mad science. Away we go!

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Roundup of Unusual Size: This hurts you.

Ohhh god I am so hungry right now. :( Hit the jump for your links, fools, I need to eat.

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Roundups of Unusual Size: Shut up, Joker.

Welcome back to the Daily Link Roundup! Now renamed and slightly reconceptualized. Don’t worry, there are no big changes, at least for now.

One thing you may notice is an increased emphasis on game-related articles, which was only inevitable. Another thing that I will be phasing out are “srs bzns” categories– not for lack of significance, but because there are much better aggregators than me for such topics and there is only so far one daily linklist can spread itself.

I have to thank everyone again for staying patient with me while I weathered, first, the grieving process and then a bunch of oh-shit academic deadlines. As a result, tonight’s list will be exceptionally long for a Saturday. Hit the jump for a drink from the hyperlink firehose.

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