The most evocative image I’ve found from Mass Effect 3 so far.

Disaster imagery has a way of sticking in the public consciousness. I’ve had my misgivings about this franchise’s approach on a lot of things, but at least you can’t say the devs aren’t drawing on some pretty grim stuff in the last 11 years of cultural memory.

I don’t know about you but the pathetic quality to these representations seems to make them more emotional. In a station of billions of people, they can’t even fill a wall with the pictures of the dead and missing. The “full” refugee camp isn’t even slightly cramped, yet security officers are turning away ships full of survivors.

Still not very far into the game, mind you. But it’s a more visually interesting game than I might’ve given it credit for, based on the weakness of its opening cinematics, and that’s good to see.

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