“Occupy Cinema” at USC

Some of my favorite lyrics in, really, any song ever seem to apply here:

“Our ambition will televise the revolution. And it’ll sell more fucking commercial spots than the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the World Series, and the tragedy du jour combined.”

In short:

The co-opting of a raw, real protest movement by students of an expensive private university is, at the very best, lacking in self-awareness, and at worst, pretty disgusting. Maybe these films will shine an amazing light on current social issues. This being USC? I’m not getting my hopes up.

I don’t want to hear defenses or speculations. Unless the entirety of this screening series is about dropping out and applying one’s talents to helping the real problems of the real disenfranchised, it’s a shallow grab at something edgy from a student body continuously and relentlessly sheltered from everything the movement is about. You aren’t occupying shit, far less cinema. Sagan, do masters students really come this pretentious?

Edit: And despite totally revising this rant, if I find out who came up with this title, I’m still eating your liver.

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