I have a problem. Its name is Skyrim.

This is what my manor in Solitude looked like previous to clean-up this morning. My blithely adoring wife, who stood by while I filled our estate floor to ceiling with cheese, didn’t lift a finger to help with the removal. This silent condemnation was the last nail in the coffin. I had to stop hoarding, at least where she was trying to cook.

Before I got rid of it all, I had to do an inventory. Just to see.

Ale 5
Alto Wine (basket) 42
Alto Wine 6
Apple Pie 25
Black-Briar Mead 5
Black-Briar Preserve 5
Boiled Creme Tart 76
Bread (loaf) 3
Bread (half-loaf) 1
Cabbage 2
Carrot 1
Clam Meat 6
Cooked Beef 16
Dog Meat 16
Eidar Cheese Wheel (whole) 131
Fresh Meat 1
Goat Cheese Wedge 1
Goat Cheese Wheel (whole) 250
Gourd 11
Green Apple 10
Grilled Chicken Breast 2
Grilled Leeks 1
Honey Nut Treat 57
Honningbrew Mead 87
Horker Loaf 7
Horker Meat 25
Horker Stew 1
Horse Haunch 8
Horse Meat 14
Leg of Goat 21
Leg of Goat Roast 6
Mammoth Snout 6
Nord Mead 48
Pheasant Breast 2
Potato 5
Rabbit Haunch
Raw Beef 27
Raw Rabbit Leg 20
Red Apple 12
Salmon Meat 27
Salmon Steak 28
Seared Slaughterfish
Eidar Cheese Wheel (sliced) 109
Goat Cheese Wheel (sliced) 100
Spiced Wine 21
Sweet Roll 1
Tomato 8
Vegetable Soup 1
Venison 63
Venison Chop 3
Wine (basket) 6
Wine 9

So, that is what sixty hours of cheese and meat collecting without console codes looks like.

Current kitchen:

It is as empty as my heart. I suppose I should start collecting those next.

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  • Sparky Clarkson  On 01.16.12 at 11:09 am

    But man, hearts are so difficult to collect! I keep killing humans, and I haven’t been able to harvest a heart from a single one of them! Unless you mean Briar Hearts. I get plenty of those, but thanks to a quest bug I can’t drop them anymore.

    • Kris Ligman  On 01.16.12 at 2:44 pm

      You can get them off a few necromancers and in the circles of Dark Brotherhood rituals! …Actually it wouldn’t surprise me if the fan wiki had a full guide for harvesting them. Which raises more questions than it answers…

  • lary  On 02.20.12 at 9:39 pm

    why on god’s green earth is everyone so happy with this game? I for one am extremely tired of all the freeze ups. My enjoyment of the so called game is being destroyed every time I try playing waiting forever for it to load and praying it doesn’t freeze!!!!!

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