Minecraft: reaching toward homeostasis

When I last blogged the status of my little niche carved out in the USC interactive server of Minecraft, it was a modest basement dwelling with a cruel subterranean pen beside an art installation of much more pretentious aspirations. Since then, I’ve become increasingly concerned with home defenses. And so, I present my new and improved estate.

Barring some initial mishaps with mobs spawning on the roof and even a creeper mocking me from the top of my defensive wall, things have become quite stable. So much so that I felt confident that the extra protective measures taken on my animal pen were no longer necessary.

I’ve gone and remodeled the pen into an attractive guest room–and done as much as I can about the smell. (The USC colors seemed only appropriate in the circumstances.) Now, though, it seems a little weird for the master bedroom to exist in the main room. Further subterranean room expansion will probably be necessary in the near future.

As for the animals, I’ve initiated a progressive new breeding program.

Yep. Here on the new Chateau de Ligman, our livestock are completely free range, permitted to run amok in the sunlight, splash about in the shallow pools, and die of mysterious, presumably violent causes.

You can see the advances we are making in genetic engineering and post-industrial domestication. Not only are we making tremendous headway in creating a new bioluminescent Dolly for the 21st century, our animal families enjoy a comfortable, prolonged adolescence, with adults remaining with their children well after their maturation.

In addition to bioluminescent varieties, we’re creating other aesthetically pleasing sheep breeds. This here is Rose… She gets stuck behind trees a lot.

For reasons still being analyzed, our water birthing project has been the most successful, with 78% of live, wheat-instigated births occurring in the resident pools. Egg smashing birth success rates on land versus in water have yet to be calculated.

Recently we’ve been visited by a school of freshwater carnivorous squid. How, I’m not sure, seeing as it’s an enclosed pool and only about three feet deep, but I’ve given up trying to account for most things in this game.

In all, the breeding project has been a success. A single route around the property usually yields 9-15 eggs. A steady supply of shade-grown wheat keeps reproduction rates high, which is important in a single-sex breeding facility such as this. My only concern is when our animal population eventually outpaces our wheat production and the genetic experiments begin to rise up against their human masters. But I’m sure that’ll never–

Down, girls. Easy–

One at a time, now; obey your lord and maste–

Oh god

I’m not sure if this counts as a further extension of existing antisocial behavior or if it means I’ve a budding interest in experiencing sunlight. In any case, my goal is to reach such a state of overpopulation that I can create a race of super-lesbian-cow-chicken-pigs and take over the server. Unless the creepers get in. In which case I think I’ll just glass over everything and never go outside again.

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