Roundup of Unusual Size: Sarah Connor could still take Ezio in a fight.

I swear I had this ready to go earlier. I got distracted. Um. Mining diamonds.

My Survey of Interactive professor basically did the worst thing in the world, assigning Minecraft for a term project.


Ahh, privilege. It’s being able to design pre-order items only usable for one type of player and not realize what the hell is wrong with that until the game’s already shipped.


Yep. Really want Pixar’s Brave right about now.


Attorney General requests another season of The Wire. Creator’s response? “End the war on drugs, then we’ll talk.”


Los Angeles agencies did a good job of hiding today’s massive Occupy All The Streets protest from local view. How about in your city? I hear Brooklyn got a light show.

And following the police raid on Zuccoti Park, the Occupiers of Wall Street get back to rebuilding their trashed library.

Christopher Nolan finally cops to just how grossly inappropriate filming his giganto-budget Batman movie at the protest lines would have been.

What are we calling OWS videos set to music? OWSMVs?

Lastly, my favorite for the night, as a big fan of tools being put in the hands of the right users: #OccupyMaps.

We saw smaller-scale applications of this kind of thing with the anti-kettling apps for the student protests in London, but this, this? This is what Web 2.0 was meant for.

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