Roundup of Unusual Size: Sci-fi queens and jerkface squadmates

We’re doing things a little differently starting this week at ROUS, the full meaning of which will hopefully become clear within a few days. Bear with me!


Ben cops to his latest gaming addiction in this week’s Thwigavib. Hey, at least he’s honest.

Luis Levy attempts to trace the origins of the $60 game.

What’s a supergenre? Eric Swain knows.

My contention with Charlie Brooker’s already-much-celebrated critique of Modern Warfare 3 and the FPS genre is that it has a good argument and a bad argument. On the one hand, he criticizes the “dickitude” of the genre’s typical writing. On the other, he tries to argue the game is flaming gay. I’ll let you guess which of these arguments I had a problem with.

Janet Murray –yes, that Janet Murray– has a blog, and she writes stuff on it! Here are a few musings on gaming’s use of the second person.

GameSetWatch has a cute piece up on some amusing bugs in Skyrim.

Kate Cox writes about how RPGs have changed–and how her playing tastes have developed alongside them.


RuPaul’s Drag Race is teasing its fourth season currently, and is anyone else amused that so far we’ve been treated to zombies and some excellent sci-fi camp? There’s an essay in there about drag bodies and genre cinema, I’m pretty sure.


Them’s some freaky clouds.

There are embryonic stem cells in breast milk. WHAT NOW, RELIGIOUS RIGHT?


For Lady Ganesh: Barbara Walters interviewing the Ninja Turtles.

Extinct sounds don’t really excite my compassion the same way as extinct animals.

Quit saying the country’s broke.


Cory Doctorow on the “credulous, dangerous dolts” heading up the raid on Chapel Hill occupiers.

Of course, police are showing great waves of sensitivity and crowd control everywhere. Like the Berkeley cop that cracked a kid’s rib and said he had “no rights.” Or the San Diego cops choking a defenseless protester.

In fact, here, just read this whole thing by Aaron Bady.

And I couldn’t do this video better justice than what the original submitter on Boing Boing provides, so I’ll just use her opener: “Even as the Occupy protesters are being swept out of their campsites, Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes is exposing the very greed and corruption they are protesting The 60 Minutes team did a great segment tonight on insider trading on the stock market.”

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