Roundup of Unusual Size: My Little Big Lebowski

I have the best fandom ever, guys. Admit it.


Somedays I wish I could do these roundups in the form of Venn diagrams, as this one spills over into other hobbyist communities and ‘net forums dominated by men: xoJane tackles Internet Male Syndrome among jerkface gamers.


Don’t worry, guys! The gay penguins are getting back together.

Today in masculinity studies: men who “show skin” are perceived as less intelligent.

And a couple from my Instapaper backlog: the invisibility of bisexuality in both straight and queer society and what the PSU riots say about the WTFness of collegiate sports.


The mayor of Salt Lake City has ordered the Occupiers there to disperse after one camper dies an accidental death in his tent.

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