Roundup of Unusual Size: This is not the day to ask Ralph Baer if he plays Modern Warfare.


It’s time for another Border House podcast! Yay!

And this was originally published to Kotaku, but I’m linking the Jezebel post because the comments are slightly less likely to make me murderous: a collection of awful things said to women gamers.

Ralph Baer, one of videogaming’s many ostensible fathers, looks down on your violent game habits.

Tyler York says that for “social game” we should read “slot machine.”

Choosy game devs choose Baldur’s Gate.


Zoo cruelly separates gay penguin couple. Okay, so they’re endangered and the zoo wants them to breed with females, but it’s still tragic.


Those OWSers. They may or may not have God (or as I prefer to say, ~the cosmos~) on their side, but they do have Ben from Ben & Jerry’s serving them free ice cream.

Quinn Norton has your Anonymous 101 course ready.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco…

Nightmare Fuel

Because I love you, Ben: how to shrink a human head.

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