Roundup of Unusual Size: Better to set Facebook on fire than to curse the darkness.

(Art credit: spoonbard.)

Happy Birthday, Carl Sagan

I know I already put up a birthday post to Carl Sagan, but I was hardly the only one! Phil Plait has his own tribute up, and the Symphony of Science have released a new track in the late, great astronomer’s honor.

O Academia

Go here, listen to Ben Abraham’s sexy Aussie voice. You’re welcome.


Altug Isigan mulls on the unwinnable game.

And Brandon Sheffield shortlists twenty game industry game-changers.


Social networks? Try sociopathic international creep machine.

If I trusted anyone to direct a convincing anti-drug PSA, it’d be Darren Aronofsky.


KCRW have produced a great radio documentary about the movement.

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