Roundup of Unusual Size: KOTAKUUUUU! *shakes fists*

How can a day be this productive and still result in me getting absolutely nothing done?


Your infographic for the night: the Canadian game industry.

Dan Bruno praises the mature new direction of Kotaku and then discovers he jumped the gun. It’s okay Dan, no one can fault you for thinking the best out of people.

A provocative analysis of Amnesia that should merit your consideration.

Tom Auxier thinks grimdark is killing everything.

Speaking of Tom Auxier’s work, he’s just knocking them out of the park over at Nightmare Mode this week. And as a Sega orphan, this one in particular fascinates me.

This seems to border on Modest Proposal territory, but for all I can tell, Tadhg Kelly is serious: maybe we shouldn’t gamify, we should just paste brands all over everything.

Ain’t it just the way. Academic points out something obvious about the military-entertainment complex. Kotaku readers have a conniption.

Also: I can’t be the only one who starts feeling physically ill upon reading headlines like this.


A short film styled on Limbo? Yes, please.


Henry is blogging a series based on a lecture delivered in my class recently by Brian Clark, who is far and away my favorite guest we’ve had so far this semester.

Stella Carter wants to know where the female mentors are in our fiction.

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