Roundup of Unusual Size: BINGO!

(art credit: amrrr)

Is it me or is everything in tonight’s list about sexism? AND I got harassed on the way home from class. Bet it’s The Screwfly Solution taking effect.


If you read one article at Kotaku this week, read this one by Nicole Leffel, about sexism and a culture of dismissal in gaming. Also read the comments if you want laugh and boggle at some people’s staggering privilege.

On the other hand, you should feel at liberty to read Kotaku AU as much as you like, because that’s where Tracey Lien is. So here you go.

Sniff sniff. So proud of Fireholly. Look at this amazing sexism in games bingo card she made. It’s getting linked everywhere now! Be sure to check out Tami Baribeau’s twin discussions post on The Border House for more.

And as someone used to these kind of scams in publishing and other media, this really doesn’t surprise me, but it merits a signal boost: IF A CASH PRIZE PUBLISHING CONTRACT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS.


What is Heim Theory, and what does it mean for time travel?


Dictators and the things they hoard.

This is depressing. This is infinitely moreso.


This one got lost in my instapaper backlog somewhere: foreclosure firm employees dress up as the destitute evictees they’ve victimized for Halloween.

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