Roundup of Unusual Size: To the Moon with Ocelot’s Six-Shooters


A new study concludes that games aid in creativity rather than stunt it. Which would seem to follow.

Indie game du jour for you: To the Moon.


io9 documents Captain Kirk’s ten most ass-kicking moments.


Dude recreates the Ocelot gun twirling from Metal Gear Solid 3. Commentary on other sites seem to forget the scenes were done with motion capture to begin with (the mocap actor wore his skin off his fingers!) but I doubt it was all done in a single take. Nice.


That great sage and blogger (and hot air balloon enthusiast) Cory Doctorow says copyright is meaningless in the digital age:

…the thing that triggers copyright rules – copying – is an intrinsic part of the functioning of the Internet and computers. There’s really no such thing as “loading” a web-page – you make a copy of it. There’s really no such thing as “reading” a file off a hard-drive – you copy it into memory.

Forging 30+ social psychology studies? You need a Scumbag Steve for that.

Viewer be warned: abused daughter posts video of her father’s verbal and physical abuse. Reddit takes action.


How about we Occupy the Patriarchy next?

Occupy Oakland Strike Posters for your downloading and printing! I’m fond of the socialist motif one myself.

Don’t Scan Me Bro

How did we get here? The narrative of US airports’ cancer machines.

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