Roundup of Unusual Size: I rate your reading of this headline 7/10.

Sorry for the prolonged absence, all! I’m back or, erm, so goes the theory.


First up, my Sunday Papers and TWIVGB picks from over the weekend:

Level With Me, Dan Pinchbeck Part 1 of 7, a new interview series with the man behind the Dear Esther mod.
-Dan Cox examines the functions of asymmetrical knowledge in narrative–and how this might apply to games, particularly differences between player and PC knowledge.
-Patrick Klepek questions the “controversy” behind a review not being positive enough.
-Finally: I rate this review of a loofah 6/10 for creativity but lack of substance.

Moving forward, a few treasures from the rest of my RSS feeds–

We start with an opinion piece from Dan Cook, critiquing the emphasis placed on a vocal minority of players in an age of reliable metric data. I would just wonder where “squeaky wheels” demanding fairer, non-sexist, non-racist representation would factor in such a model (see: the under-advertising of FemShep and her resulting underperformance in metrics; CLEARLY THE DEVS SHOULD JUST FOLLOW THE DATA), but in fairness, he’s mostly talking about game mechanics and resistance to change.

And a compliment to that, more for fun than depth: Kotaku writer cites Cook’s article, basically calls out his “loud-mouthed assholes” readershi. Readers fail to catch on.

Also from Kotaku (I know! I’m surprised too!), Stephen Totilo covers a recent Q&A at the NYU Practice conference, addressing misogyny in the Street Fighter series as well as among its fans.

Playdead dev: “retail is broken.”

Tadhg Kelly discerns between participation and interactivity.

I love Gus Mastrapa and articles like this are why: a diary of food consumption in Skyrim.

Clint Hocking criticizes the oft-repeated prediction that games are “the dominant cultural form of the 21st century”.


NaNoWriMo is upon us once again, and regardless of how you may feel about it, it’s true that it does generate a greater than usual discourse on the writer craft. So, io9, what is a sincere first draft and how do we write it?

Halloween + Occupy Wall Street = protesters dressing up as Marie Antoinette.


As someone who works for a kids’ MMO, this concerns me personally and I can’t wait to dig deeper into it: why and how parents are undermining the Child Online Privacy Protection Act.


Before and after photos of the police raid on Frank Ogawa Park.

Apparently in addition to general police brutality and putting a guy in the coma, the Oakland PD’s anti-riot measures were flat-out illegal. I’m sure they’ll be thoroughly prosecuted, since the California justice system has been proven to work so well.

Nightmare Fuel

Seems like something Cronenberg would design: stiletto implants for your heels.

Moment of Pumpkin

The drawback for missing Halloween is that now all these links from last night seem a bit soggy and ready to be chucked… Ah well, have an exploding jack-o’-lantern anyway.

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