Roundup of Unusual Size: Terrible things are happening in Oakland (like Sonic theme parks)

I thought today was Saturday and I don’t know why. I’ll blame the flu again.


Deets on Limbo dev Playdead’s forthcoming second game have turned up. Huzzah!

And according to Kirk, I Am Alive is The Road in game form.

Why would you ever?

And okay, this entirely fan indulgence, but they’ve gone and made an [insert your name here] version of the PlayStation “To Michael” commercial. And it’s totally good for a chuckle.


I’m as happy as anyone for more Phoenix Wright in my life, but man, you can’t make this look good.


Man. You guys just have it out for Pluto.


Huzzah! Women can ascend the British throne a little easier! Well, unless they’re a Catholic who marries in. Erm.


A day after I devoted part of a class midterm to likening the Egyptian revolution to the Occupy movement, this happened.

Elsewhere, angered protesters hold a vigil for (doing better!) Scott Olsen. The outbreak of police brutality in Oakland is, of course, being cited as “the left hand not knowing what the right one was doing.” Whatever the case, Threat Level’s Quinn Norton is calling it “a moral victory” for the movement. Meanwhile, Salon think the overarching victory goes to how the talking points on the news have shifted.

On the slowly shifting demographics on the protest lines.

Great op-ed: only a pundit would think Occupy didn’t have a message. The rest of us hear it loud and clear.

NMDNet on ground-up democracy.

You know that lady who showed up all over the blogs with her awesome protest sign? Her boss fired her for it.

Lastly, and warning for spoilers: why In Time is coincidentally the perfect movie for #OWS.

You Can’t Make This Up

Seriously. Three-eyed fish found near nuclear facility.


Moment of Zen

Johnny Weir. Ice skating to Lady GaGa. WERK!

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