Roundup of Unusual Size: I’d like a supersized debt with a coke.


So, commentary has been spreading like wildfire regarding homophobic remarks made at the close of this year’s BlizzCon. (Warning: triggering language ahead.)

Your first order of business should be reading Denis Farr’s essay, reposted as a guest editorial on Kotaku. You do not want to read the comments if you want to retain any faith in humanity.

Next, Richard Goodness’s take.

Blizzard were quick to issue an apology. And not just a fauxpology, sorry-you-were-offended apology, but actually owning up to the mistake.


The paralysis of choice in game design.

A scummier ploy we have rarely seen. Bravo, Vimeo.

A little coverage by Michael Abbott on a talk delivered by Jonathan Blow and Marc ten Bosch at this year’s Indiecade.


Hyperbole and a Half has a brilliant illustration of depression.


Here is a take we haven’t seen yet: now that DADT has been repealed, GLBT servicepeople are suing to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act as well.

For my slash-writing friends out there: a nice little guide to gay sex, part 1.

Every time you read about Republicans endorsing regulation to protect corporate interests, take a drink.


I actually haven’t heard of this series, but if they’re doing web videos on the protests, that’s good enough for me!

Excellent article in The Nation today about the Occupy movement’s relation to student debt relief.

And by now you should have heard about Scott Olsen, the Iraq veteran who was injured by riot police at Occupy Oakland and is now comatose in critical condition, awaiting brain surgery.

Moment of I Don’t Know How to End This

That “Feminist Apocalypse” video has resurfaced. Yay?

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