Roundup of Unusual Size: Occupying Bioshock Infinite

Sick as a very sick dog, hurgh blagh. Let’s see if I can even finish my interactive lecture for class tomorrow.


Gay teens killing themselves? Oh I know! Let’s hurl some anti-gay slurs at BlizzCon!

Critical Missive digs deeper on an admittedly problematic Gamasutra feature on skill design, linked on this blog a few days ago.


Kirk, you’re too good for Kotaku.


io9 asks: where did right-handedness come from?

I fail to see how this is any more likely than any other apocalyptic scenario, but at least it doesn’t break with physics.


Against all homophobic rhetoric, gay parents don’t warp children. Homophobia, however, is.


Occupy Oakland, we are with you! Boing Boing, as always, has been posting plenty of articles with news from the front line all day: Xeni Jardin’s day-one roundup, police flash grenading a crowd helping a hurt protester, and again with the sanitized newspaper accounts.

A letter on DailyKos from a member of the 1%: why I support the 99%.

Tiger Beatdown: Who are the 1%?

Rushkoff: this ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arms race.

Heather Parton on Al Jazeera contrasts the #Occupy movement with the Tea Party.

Anna North comments on how the sexual politics of Occupy Baltimore can be read as a microcosm for the entire movement.

Lastly, Heather Tsukayama draws parallels between #Occupy and an unreleased videogame at her peril, but the argument remains an interesting one.

Moment of Creepy

You know Gadaffi commissioned a love song for Condoleezza Rice? Yeeeah.

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