Roundup of Unusual Size: Transmedia Chess


Closed out from electronic games, kids use their Skylander toys for chess.

Andrew McMillen, on what kind of game journalist you choose to be.

Josh Bycer writes about abstraction of player skill across game genres, arranged as a spectrum.

Two pieces which come recommended by The Border House today: Gears of War 3 and women and the case for making the Mass Effect movie a shade less generic and instantly forgettable.

Just in case you felt like raging at the patriarchy some more: Latoya Peterson’s got another indictment you’ll want to read.

And here’s a wicked neat Ico concept art gallery up at Edge.


How does a film studio acquire the rights to a Reddit comment? Why are we making films based on Reddit comments?


So we all know that Colonel Vermon CaTaffy Libyan dictator Gadaffi has been killed. What you don’t know is what Hitler thinks about it.


Usually I find delivery room videos beyond squicky, but I make an exception for the universe giving birth to a new planet.


“This Occupation is its own demand.”

Elsewhere, superstar hacker weev speaks out about the movement. And cheese.


YOU BROKE THE RULES! (thanks, Ian)

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  • Thene  On 10.21.11 at 1:21 am

    Weev, seriously? Relentless self-publicist who sure used to like claiming he was part of the 1%?

    I first met Weev in an online chat room that I visited while staying at Fortuny’s house. “I hack, I ruin, I make piles of money,” he boasted. “I make people afraid for their lives.” …

    Weev now espouses “the ruin lifestyle” — moving from condo to condo, living out of three bags, no name, no possessions, all assets held offshore. As a member of a group of hackers called “the organization,” which, he says, bring in upward of $10 million annually, he says he can wreak ruin from anywhere.

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