Roundup of Unusual Size: Discrimination is so gay


Hey, hey, so Arkham City is some sexist bullshit, yeah? Why anyone would contest such an obvious fact is beyond me, but what do I know, I’m a wumminz.

Moving on. James Hawkins contends that videogames need to be more socially relevant before they can be art.


Wow, I never liked Laura Bennett on Project Runway anyway.


Mister Literary Fiction, Miss Genre Fiction, tear down this wall.

And this is the next thing I’m reading, when reading for pleasure enters my life again: The Revolution Will be Digitized.


Ah, finally. The science of romantic movies.


Good going, Obama administration. Asking for free labor to do graphic design for your jobs poster.

And this should be self-evident but just to get that canard out there: games aren’t making teens too lazy to get jobs. Adults are taking their jobs.

Moment of Awwwwww

Baby quail floating in Zero G!

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