Roundup of Unusual Size: I am made of 70% cutscenes

(art credit: elizajw)

Ever notice how the more maternal and protective Scully gets, the more affectionate and handsy Mulder gets?

Yeah, rewatching The X-Files has sure been enlightening.


Tracey Lien, one of the bright shining stars of games journalism right now, has a retrospective up on Evony. Yes, THAT Evony.

And Katie Williams, one of our other stars (and my co-curator at Critical Distance), waxes admiring of Peter Molydeux, Peter Molyneux’s ambitious Twitter counterpart. Of course, not everyone is keen.

Here’s a promising documentary subject and hobby horse of mine: the link between videogames and military recruitment.


I want it!

I need it!

I really like her mane!


“Why aren’t we at warp?” “We ARE at warp!”

And just a quickie: a list of words that have different definitions for laymen and scientists.


Cottoning on to the historic moment of white men protesting white men, we have a gallery of photographic portraits of the white men protesting white men.

Yep. What better way to show your support for the #Occupy cause than filming your Batman movie at the protest sites?

So… Anonymous. You’re still around, right?


Those poor mens, feeling their hegemony threatened! On Wikipedia of all places!

Now that’s some child abuse. Forcing your kid to have a mock-medieval duel with you? Jeez, dude.



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  • Thene  On 10.19.11 at 8:38 am

    CAN I TAKE A RIDE ON YOUR HOBBYHORSE PLS i am regularly baffled as to how violent games can be seen as ‘encouraging violence’ by politicians who are totally on-board with military recruitment advertising.

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