Roundup of Unusual Size: 233% Gay

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Yes sir, some Sunday Papers.

A few weeks back I wrote about Pippin Barr’s little queue simulator The Artist is Present. Now GameSetWatch has an interview up with Barr. And it’s great.


Hey Hollywood? If you’re remaking Voltron, please leave out Pidge.

I think I want to check out this film now. Primer on a boat,” indeed.


F#&king dark matter, how does it work?

Can it really be quantum levitation if it isn’t both levitating and not levitating at the same time?



Zachary Quinto came out over the weekend. Good for him! Not that any of us are surprised, but good for him!

And I’m scaling back my reliance on top ten lists, and all, but this one is seriously interesting: ten words you think we got from science, but we actually got from science fiction.

And this one’s just worth it for the headline: moot tells Facebook and Google they’re doing it wrong.

Occupy Wall Street

Okay. So about one million people turned out for protests around the world over the weekend. Arrests were frequent. Here is one protester’s account.

We all harp on the low-hanging fruit of internet leakage onto the protest sites, but here’s a great higher-brow article on how internet connectivity is affecting things out on the streets. I’m really starting to believe this actually is our #Jan26.

Moment of Hate

Here, someone beating Dark Souls in under 90 minutes. Now we can all be united in our cries of anguish.

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