Roundup of Unusual Size: Not with a roar but with a boot stomping on the face of Wall Street… or… something. Forever.

(artist credit very much desired!)


Becky Chambers on why misogyny in gaming hurts self-interested, short-sighted misogynist players too.

Where is the rest of this article? Seriously, it’s off to a good start, the kind of “New Yorker for gamers” article I feel all pleased as punch to be in a generation where I can indulge in this, but it just cuts off.


I’m not a Kristen Stewart person (actually it’s more appropriate to say I don’t give a crap about actors in all but the most special of circumstances) but this Snow White/Joan of Arc mashup could totally be exploitative male-gaze indulgent refuse and I can still picture myself loving it to pieces I mean it’s Snow White in full plate armor.


Usually I’m against grimdark fan reinterpretations of shows I watched as a kid, but I would watch the hell out of cerebral live-action Voltron.


Phil Plait, why do we see stars and not a pure black sky?

On rats and the evolution of consciousness.

Occupy Wall Street

These photo captions are not the sign of an intern going rogue, as some initially believed, but they’re still full of ice burn.

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