Roundup of Unusual Size: Indiecaderifficlicker

Helllllloooooo, Monday. I didn’t do nearly enough to make this day productive, but here are some links for you all anyway.


Missed IndieCade? Not to worry; I was there. And I’ll have a write-up on that eventually (tomorrow, if I can actually finish it). Till then, have a selection of my favorite articles on Culver City’s one and only annual indie game festival.

First, IndieGames’s excellent wrap-up and takeaway article. Next, their must-read insider look at Braid dev Jonathan Blow’s design process. After that, stop by GameSetWatch for an illustrated guide.

Lastly, a great Gamasutra perspective on Canabalt designer Adam Saltsman.


And on the non-IndieCade-related gaming side, let’s take a look at some of the weekend’s highlights.

First, would you play a game you could never win? Not that this is that unusual a phenomenon, as most classic arcade games can’t be “won” in any case…

Next, a twofer from Gamasutra: an interview with key developers from Rage by Brandon Sheffield, and a useful dictionary of game dev jargon.

Another two-for-one: a couple great commentary pieces on Ian Bogost’s Cow Clicker, the first by Leigh Alexander and the other by Frank Lantz.

Sparky Clarkson goes spelunking into Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s giant hole.

Grim stuff: some commentary on Tim Rogers’s recent Insert Credit article, and the ethical, future implications of game devs gaming gamers’ brains.

Finally, my stand-out favorite of the week: comparing the language of Gears of War 3 with the Holocaust.


The latest film set to be mistaken for real-life terrorism meriting a SWAT team incursion? World War Z. Honestly, that’s just going to help the hype.


Anyone who thinks food and drink consumption is not gendered in our society, drink it down.

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