Roundup of Unusual Size: Feminism, games, METAL GEAR???? and ponies.

(art by phantomdarklover @ deviantart)

This is awesome!Q My new computer has enough horsepower that I can actually open up linklist articles in tabs and write them right into a WordPress document without the whole thing crashing! BNow if only I could get used to a full-sized keyboard againm,

Steve Jobs

Very touching tribute from Dean Putney at Boing Boing.


Denis Farr has recently played the first Metal Gear Solid for the first time, and has blogged his impressions on it.

Are games and feminism mutually exclusive?


And another quickie from Alex R, in case you missed it: not only do Dragon Age designers provide assets for their cosplaying fans, they’re designing character outfits with them in mind.


Physics and Bill O’Reilly can’t explain this neutron star. But that isn’t stopping laymen conservatives from suggesting that if we have tachyonic neutrinos, maybe climate change is just a liberal myth.

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