Roundup of Unusual Size: Did you like it?

OH. MY. CARL. SAGAN. I don’t know how I let the linklists slip away from me for so long. Also, I got to bask in the glow of Hideo Kojima tonight.

Steve Jobs

Rest in peace.


TWIVGB and Sunday Papers for you! Almost ridiculously late, but oh well.

Peter Molydeux tweets something so awesome, someone actually makes a game based on it.

Speaking of Molyneux/deux, Kate Cox writes about how Fable III does sex differently. Also from Cox, another great essay on Bastion.

What’s that? You still want more Bastion? Lucky for you, Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a great interview up with Bastion creative director Greg Kasavin.

Katie Williams previews thatgamecompany’s Journey. And in some other quadrant of the indie game dev spectrum, Joel Goodwin previews Nicolau Chaud’s (not safe for work) upcoming game about sexuality.

Darius Kazemi takes the wind out of Justin McElroy’s none-so-modest proposal.

And can ARGs be unethical?


Look! A list of videogame documentaries.


Neal Stephenson’s science fiction call to arms: collaborate with scientists and get people hopeful about the future again.


Professor Xavier explains mutant puberty.


How learning Klingon helped a guy manage his dyslexia.


If we are now modeling the expansion of the universe in a comprehensive simulation, what if our universe is just a simulation inside a computer somewhere else?


Are we too snarky? Is it killing civilization? Ben Abraham knows.

Felt Captain Picard dress-up doll is way too cute.

How a study of architecture can inform your science fiction creative aptitude.

Clothing can affect people’s perception of you in a lot of ways–including what race you are.


The sights and sounds of Occupy Wall Street. Things have been ramping up with so much continual momentum that this is threatening to spill over into the national sort of movement we’ve been needing. Which is why it’s awesome that #OccupyWallStreet is coming to a city near you.

Nightmare Fuel

Holy shit robotic horse.

This is some shade of the Uncanny Valley right here.

What’s going on at UVB-76, and do we even want to know?

Lastly, McDonald’s horror movies.

Moment of Hallmark Moments

29-year-old deaf woman hears her own voice for the first time.

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