Roundup of Unusual Size: Videogames are dead, long live videogames.

(Corgis are the only good dogs.)

Sorry for dropping off last night again, all. It’s impressive what sleep dep and an 18 hour day can combine into.


Dan the Man takes on the Bastion.

Videogames are dead? This again?

On the other hand, David Cage isn’t too far off the mark here.

Alex Raymond, who came to visit us on the Moving Pixels Podcast a little while ago, has a new blog entry at her While !Finished responding and following on my and other writers’ Dragon Age II commentaries, and why she liked the game.

Tristan Donovan ponders on the wisdom of being both game designer and avid gamer.

Brad Gallaway’s made an attempt at a rough taxonomy of popular game criticism.

I found Laura Palmer!

Ryan Winslett profiles a free book on the ascendency and rapid descent of the rhythm game.


You don’t actually want to be immortal.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. More tachyonic neutrino speculation from io9.

Schroedinger’s Cat explained in 108 seconds flat.


You know those entitled white kids who felt so damn oppressed because minority groups that have historically faced centuries of debasement, denial of human rights and autonomy have an imaginary upper hand in going to A Goddamn UC? SFist has photos for your further shaming.

Well, hell. Now fish are using tools.


#OccupyWallStreet is heating up. Jeanne Mansfield, one of the peaceful protesters maced by NYPD, writes about the experience.

Nightmare Fuel

A few months back I had a dream where I was taking care of a cyclops kitten. I had magic powers in this dream, so I spread my hands to split the kitten’s one eye into two normal eyes. It went too far. I tried to reduce the number. It just got worse.

Okay, okay. Something more pleasant for the road.

Moment of Nerd

Here, have a parrot singing the Neon Genesis Evangelion themesong.

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