Roundup of Unusual Size: Operation closure and racist muffins.

Sorry for my unannounced absence, all! I was sick with the cold from hell. I still am, but when the feed reader gets over 1000 I need to do something about it.


Pure geekiness time: home-made Zork maps.

Here are the most recent TWIVGB and Sunday Papers for you!

Boobs! What are they good for?

Interview with thatgamecompany’s Kellee Santiago on the empowerment of “literate gamers”.

Two great articles on GAMBIT’s A Closed World, one from Gamasutra and one from GayGamer.

Faffing over Tetsuya Mizuguchi Day: narrative poetics of Rez, what Child of Eden in 3D plays like.

And why limit ourselves to Mizuguchi? Someone mentions Bastion, and I click.

GamePolitics has a nice distillation of recent reports on political grassrooting in social media and casual games.

Tadhg Kelly on the importance of intuitive controls. See also, the company-or-product paradox.

Ian Bogost has a new blog post on gamification and operational closure. Also see Levi Bryant’s response.

And go have a listen to Sdatcher with English subtitles!


Puss in Boots riffs on the Old Spice ads, surprisingly effective.


R-rated Tron (1982) computer porn and other deleted SF&F scenes.


Should women just give up on comics?


Interview with Alan Tudyk: why Firefly wouldn’t die today.


Computers on human cognitive augmentation: they need to notice what we don’t.


Culture shock, the ex-con way.

Nice lucidly written on size acceptance. As a healthy fat person (a source of befuddlement for every doctor I’ve ever seen), it’s nice to see something like this on Hathor.


This is what happens when you mace a peaceful #OccupyWallStreet protester.


Privileged white guys express their oppression with MUFFINS. Derpy Hooves is disappoint.

Moment of Wut

Martha Stewart does Lady GaGa.

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