Roundup of Unusual Size: You’re playing electron ping-pong with THAT spine?


Becky Chambers writes on The Mary Sue that better co-op may help bridge gaming’s gender gap.

Nothing restores my faith in my hobby-of-choice when a game blogger makes a lazy post and gets his ass handed to him.

Oldie-but-goodie recced by my game studies professor: Picaro and the “Story” of D&D.

This is just sociologically interesting for its own sake: how to write an anti-incest algorithm.

And cosmos, but I love it when Go Make Me a Sandwich breaks down just how disturbingly bad some game art is. Even (especially) when it’s Hyung Tae Kim.

(Bonus points! That last link actually comes up on the first page of results when you google his name. Ah, small victories.)


Tachyons? TACHYONS ARE REAL?! (No, stop, don’t rain on my parade, Dr. Physicist.)

Excuse me while I braingasm: digital reconstructions of real brain activity during visual perception.

Scientist hipsters have made a version of Pong so geeky, you’ve never even heard of it. Or maybe you have, because the paddles are made from soundwaves.


Homophobic politician with the logical thinking ability of an earthworm can’t believe Google won’t bow to his whims, so he calls them partisan meany-heads.


International scandal involving a questionable murder conviction, men and women in tears over a denied 11th hour appeal, a tragic wrongful execution that puts the world further in doubt of America’s commitment to justice? Sounds like excellent fodder to make into a light-hearted reference for a gaming headline.

Oh, and speaking of institutionalized systems of murder, Texas is killing so many inmates, they’re gonna stop giving them last meal requests. Atta Texas, that’ll fix the budget!

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  • JenD  On 09.25.11 at 2:37 am

    “Sounds like excellent fodder to make into a light-hearted reference for a gaming headline.”

    I didn’t even need to see the link addy- I just knew it was Kotaku. Rewind back to Japan’s Earthquake and voila- wild Crappy Insensitive Headlines appear!

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