Roundup of Unusual Size: To my future posthuman daughter. Or possibly clone.

(artist: tggeko)

Can’t talk, class readings to finish. DAMN YOU, DISQORD.


I’m not upset, Ben! I’m not! Anywho, here are my picks from Ben Abraham’s newest TWIVGB:

Insult Swordfighting writes on the sweatshop conditions of games writing.

Scott Juster analyses Soulja Boy’s infamous reaction to Braid.

And Jonathan McCalmont criticizes the uselessness of the term “realism”.

Moving to Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Sunday Papers, this letter to a man’s future daughter has been getting a lot of traffic over the last week. I would be remiss in not mentioning it at all.

On to David Carlton, writing in his own blog as he digs deep on Catherine. On Game|Life, Jason Schreier laments Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s underwhelming narrative. And over on Edge, Steven Poole has an essay up on identity in games.

Atlus, where’s my female protagonist option? :/

And Henry Jenkins has gone and updated his Aca-Fan blog with the first part of his interview with Mark Marino, the founder of code studies.


Charlie Jane Anders argues we’re closer to being cyborgs than we might think.

And via Twitter, have some breathtaking photos from the student protests in Chile.

Moment of Awwwww


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