Roundup of Unusual Size: More cute headcrabs! Oh, and some links and stuff.

(art credit goes to blackrathmar @ deviantArt)


Kate Cox has posted again, and that’s really all the reason you should need.

Mazels tonight go to Limbo devs PlayDead, who have used the profits from their landmark 2010 title to pay off their debts and buy back their company from investors.


This live action Captain Planet parody has been circling today, but I like Susana Polo’s whole grimdark interpretation even more.

Nightmare Fuel

Science makes yet another Edgar Allen Poe story a reality.

And normally I’d link you to the podcast itself, but something like the Simulation Argument, which tends to keep me up at night, benefits from Mark Frauenfelder’s distillation of the premise. Thought experiments about the nature of the universe and reality are scary, kids.

Moment of Awwww

Say hi to Jackie, a 10-year-old transgirl whose parents not only love and fully support her, they’ve helped her to transition.

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