Roundup of Unusual Size: Thank you, Mood.


Oh my goodness, is it member blog day again already? Let’s start with Mathew Stone about feeling bravery in games, then shimmy over to Dylan Woodbury and Eric Schwarz for a double-whammy on RPGs.

Thom Dinsdale writes about the circus ruining gamification.

While you were sleeping, female game journalists ceased to exist. Maggie Greene has some thoughts on that.

A couple strong ones from Joystick Division on morality in games, the first from Rich Shivener and the second from Garrett Martin about Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Scott Juster gripes about some of the problems he’s been encountering in Catherine.

Tadhg Kelly of What Games Are supposes on a fundamental reason behind gamers not finishing their games.


Adventure Time genderswapped musical special with Neil Patrick Harris!


Oh man, think of how fast he could type.

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