Roundup of Unusual Size: Please Sign My “Bring Back ‘Gynoid'” Petition

I’m baaaack! I thought about taking some extra time off, but now that I’m back to my day job as well I figured, why delay things further?

I’m in three phenomenal courses this semester which should help shape my critical output for the next few months. But more on that another time. I have a linklist to get to. And mind you, I’m not even going to ATTEMPT to sift through all the news I missed, but it’s not like anyone was even blogging while PAX was on, right?


First out the gate, Darius Kazemi has a new column up at Paste and you should totally read it.

Finally! The Pink Knight is available for Castle Crashers. For free! To benefit breast cancer research!

Mitch Krpata asserts that maybe a lot of game critics actually just suck at games. I never thought this was a secret? We’d write ourselves right out of relevancy if we sought only the hardcore perspective.

Mike Schiller came up with his final post on Bastion just as I came off hiatus! I love you, Mike.

Kirk “Pretty Fly for a Jazz Guy” Hamilton interviews Jennifer “FemShep” Hale. Excellent.

This one was recced to me during my break: the storytelling of Super Metroid.

Mattie Brice tackles the difficult conundrum of transgender characters in Atlus games.

And before I lose you to the other categories, be sure to check out the latest Sunday Papers and This Week in Videogame Blogging as well.


Oh holy jesus, more Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson? The universe has answered my prayers.


The first science fiction film is to become a faaaabulous rock opera!


Ever wonder why human animals think we’re not the animals, the other animals are? Baby, we were born that way.


Oh, shut the hell up.

Moment of Zen

What happens when you make two chatbots hold a conversation?

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