Roundup of Unusual Size: Gender, Memory, and Brain Fever

(art source: the_chaos_theory @ deviantArt)

Wow, I seem to take breaks a lot. But then I remind myself I don’t live in a parallel reality with 28-hour days, and feel a little less guilty.

In other words, I’m taking a break again. But here’s a roundup for you tonight anyway!


Eee, I love it! Genderswapped Super Mario cast!

Gorgeous gamer dating sim about a bomb scare? I’m there.

Kate Cox tackles death in games. Elegantly, as usual.

Anna Anthropy writes for The Border House. Nuff said.


Annalee Newitz argues for the necessity of memory-altering drugs.

Great video and commentary on why our brains are lying liars who lie.


According to The Economist, Americans support tax breaks for the rich because American politics are like a junior high locker room. No, trust me, it makes sense.

Gorgeous Blade Runnerification of Paris concept art.

After infiltrating the Tea Party, this journalist thinks he’s finally figured out what their damage is.

But will it run on little girls in tiny dresses?


Scientific American details how BART shut. down. EVERYTHING. during the Anonymous protest.

Nightmare Fuel

This one’s for you, Ben. Deadly brain-eating amoebae.

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