Of course, we all know the real reason the Mormons want to ban those darn Victorians…

(Need website for this artist!)


It’s Member Blog day! First up, can learning about game design suck the joy out of playing them? Second, Joey Gibbs writes about spatial constraints and narrative.

Haven’t or can’t play “The Stanley Parable”? Don’t worry; there’s a complete video walkthrough now.

I don’t know about you guys but a world in which single-player gaming is completely dead is not a world where I want to live.

And Joel Goodwin’s second part of his interview with David Fox is now live as well, so that’s something.


A thriller about face-blindness? Could be corny, could be awesome. Cornawesome? Anyway, it has Milla Jovovich, so that’s reason enough.


Stephen Colbert(‘s 3D printed head) in spaaaaace!


Virginia school bans Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet for being offensive to Mormons. Someone should remind the schoolboard that roughly 90% of the Sherlock Holmes canon is apt to offend someone. Quick, ban “The Adventure of the Five Pips” before the KKK gets their feelurs hurt.


Gotta love the British law enforcement these days. First they jail a couple of guys for four years for “using Facebook to incite disorder” and then theyarrest a guy for organizing a water fight via Blackberry. THE FACE OF COMPETENCY.

Not to say we’re terribly innocent stateside, what with a woman recording a brutal police beating being charged with “illegal wiretapping” (what the fuck).

Quit saying Kansas is flat as a pancake! Pancakes have more dimension than Kansas.

Moment of Zen

Brother tells sister to stay out of his room. Sister (and family) totally disregard this with epic results.

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  • Terese  On 08.17.11 at 8:18 am

    I hit the jump straight away to your Eurogamer link about single-player gaming predicted to be extinct by 2014. I’m a dedicated single player gamer, with on-line play mostly with my sweetie for some co-op games that really pique our interest. I hope, as do you, this will not happen. I can’t help wondering what the big draw is to online multi-player gaming. I found my few experiences stressful, sadistically competitive, and of course being a female does not help. (Not going there!) For me gaming is such an intense personal experience, especially when well designed games completely draw me in and create a new world that I can immerse in.
    Your first link, Can learning about game design suck the joy of life out of them, on Gamasutra, was fascinating. It’s answered some questions I have often wondered about the amazing people behind games, the comments too. I know when I hit on a brilliant nuance in a game that makes it a personal and introspective moment, or a beautiful, well thought out design or backdrop – from a ceiling to a fabric even, that takes me breath away, I quietly thank the designers behind that moment in my heart. I wish they knew that. Every game I’ve played I’ve sat through the credits. It’s the least I can do.
    So happy to have discovered you, thank you for you Dire Critic!

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