Roundup of Unusual Size: This is the talking point that never ends, yes gamification goes on and on my friends…


I wrote the Critical Distance yesterday! Go and read it.

And good friend and colleague Eric Swain has an essay on the geneology of Dragon Age II.

Kill Screen has a new feature on the game design of everyday things. Futurismic lectures us on overreading. And welcome to the Kirk and Leigh Letters, Part 2: Deus Ex.

Gamification is the gift that keeps on giving, at least where Ian Bogost is involved.


/x/ have been searching for this for years, and now it exists! Thank you, internets! Crybaby Lane is now online! EDIT: Damn it, takedown notice from Viacom already. ;(


Here’s a nice list of some of the half-evolved and useless parts of the human species.


Gay finches mate for life. Sounds like a Born Ruffians song.

And David Liss looks at how magic got to be elitist.


And then, suddenly, Anonymous are back in the news, staging a protest in San Francisco.

Nightmare Fuel

Bullet-proof spider silk goat milk armor… skin. What.

Okay, let’s wash that out of the memory for a bit.

Moment of Awwwww

Cheer up, here’s a stampede of corgis!

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