Roundup of Unusual Size: Tonight’s list is guaranteed escort mission free.

I didn’t realize that taking a break from Wizard and Glass to watch a bit of The Stand would lead me straight into crossover territory. Then again, I could throw a stick in the general direction of King’s entire output and hit something that crosses over with Dark Tower.


These adventure game mashups of classic paintings are divine.

And over on Joystick Division we pay tribute to the five worst mission types in games. And Gus Mastrapa addresses the problem of DRM and how it’s worse than we know.

Lastly, Tadhg Kelly at What Games Are says we shouldn’t get mad, should make lemonade after all.


io9 has a roundup of the less than cheerful response to the news that the unconventional story structure of World War Z has been given a conventional glitz and glamour Hollywood adaptation.


PBS offers up a compelling argument for keeping their number one couple on Sesame Street unmarried: they’re not adults.


Excellent look at how language affects color perception.

Finally, the kind of scientific progress we’ve been waiting for.


This might be the best office window post-it note battle in history.

At best, twin reduction seems understandably controversial, mitigating financial circumstances be damned. Of course, it’s nothing compared to this paper on trying to cure homosexuality with electrodes and rape.

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