Roundup of Unusual Size: Plz fund my Kickstarter proposal to be named honorary Professor of Interwebs

(art source needed!)


The latest of Kate Cox’s Beyond the Girl Gamer series is now live. A recommended read, as always.

Randomessa at Casual Is As Casual Does takes apart the sexual dimorphism of several races in Guild Wars 2.

IndieGames interviews Yasunori Mitsuda about Play for Japan.

Amidst discussions on why like should or shouldn’t hire like in the course of building the game industry of the future, Lisa Brown advocates for the benefits of a liberal arts education.

And if motion control isn’t gimmicky enough for you, maybe tactile gaming will tickle your spine.


Words cannot describe how much I want this.


Into the dark planet. The very, very dark planet.

Well… that’s an interesting Kickstarter project.

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