Moving Pixels Podcast: A Fireside Chat with ‘Fat, Ugly, or Slutty?’

I love the good people at Fat, Ugly, or Slutty. They’re the sort of internet vigilantism that anyone can participate in. It might not be polite, calling out trolls, stalkers and creepazoids on Xbox Live and PSN, but check out a few of their posts and I think you’ll agree they entirely deserve it.

We recently sat down with three of the four FUoS admins to talk about the site and the reception that it’s garnered. We also laugh about our respective trashtalking experiences, which is one angle where my day job as a game moderator actually comes in handy.

Please be sure to pay them a visit at their PAX Prime panel!

(And Feday, I’m pleased to report that my Gamerscore is now well over 5k. Friends again?)

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