Roundup of Unusual Size: Wait, is Mike Schiller ginger?


Quick one tonight, as I’m visiting a friend and it’s rude to keep hosts waiting when you brought them a copy of Catherine. I’ll just leave these two here.

Could you play an unrepentent murdering canine to learn about the legal system?

Also from GameSetWatch: Project Rainfall may fail, but Nanashi no Game is still getting a fan localization.

Gamasutra has a new feature up on Jonathan Blow and his upcoming The Witness.

You may remember Harry Frankfurt’s essay from a few years ago, “On Bullshit”? (I have it in hardcover.) Ian Bogost has now married the arguments of Frankfurt’s paper with his opinions on gamification. Excellent read.

The people looked up and cried “More blog posts about Bastion!” And Mike Schiller looked down and whispered, “Sure, okay.”

And lastly, if Hunter S. Thompson wrote game reviews for Kill Screen, this is what one would look like.




Why is this this How to Train Your Dragon stage show so far away from me?


Gail Simone gets marriage-happy in her last issue of Secret Six before the DC company-wide reboot.


Cyberstalking is more stressful than the meatspace variety. My guess is the lack of restraining orders.

So apparently sex is more frequent in more gender-equal countries. And there are several theories why.

What’s the secret to a great fake Twitter account? Fast Company knows.

If a dead shark is found in the woods, does it make a sound?


Think antimatter is just for remote corners of space and European laboratories? Not so! There’s a bunch of it circling the Earth.


At DefCon, security experts have declared that we need to build a better Anonymous. And not a moment too soon.

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