Roundup of Unusual Size: Commander Shepard is tired of these motherf*cking strawmen in her motherf*cking hair.

Honestly, until we get Mass Effect 3-2, with dress spheres and drag for the boys, Bioware isn’t really pushing it as far as they could.


There’s been a lot of bullshit lately about the “bimbofication of FemShep” strawman, and thankfully we have Kate Cox to sweep all the pieces off the table and set things straight.

I get all giddy when I see “Top Ten” and “Joystick Division” in my feeds, because I know there’s a good chance James Hawkins has written it, and nobody messes with James Hawkins’s lists. This time he brings us the top ten evil corporations in videogames.

ATTN: Zach Alexander– the new Extra Credits confronts the false dichotomy of “fun” and “art.”

This beautiful Half-Life 2 mod’s getting a lot of coverage from indie and mainstream outlets alike: The Stanley Parable.

Web Media

Forbes casts the spotlight on Felicia Day, a “mogul in the making.”


The spice water must flow on Arrakis Mars!

Nightmare Fuel

After yesterday’s link, I thought a cute little chaser of the ten most horrifying Reborn dolls was in order. You’re welcome, as always. Pleasant dreams!

Moment of Zen

All right, I’m not that cruel. Tonight before you leave, let me reintroduce you to Michelle Obama, the new face of the biracial homosexual superhero agenda.

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